Collins Certification Group is a company offering building certification services

to the building and construction industry throughout Queensland.



Collins Certification Group can offer a full range of building certification services

in accordance with the Integrated Planning Act 1997, the Building Act 1975,

the Building Regulation 2006 and, the Building Code of Australia, also offering

the services of qualified and accredited building surveying consultant to assist

you in the development approval process.


Collins Certification Group provides the following building certification services:-


Development Permits for all classes of buildings.

Inspection of all building classes.

Certificates of Classification.

Final Inspection Certificates.

Preliminary Assessment Reports.


The principle Mr. Rick Collins has an excellent knowledge of State building legislation and the Building Code of Australia and is experienced in all development approval for all Classes of buildings.


Collins certification group can tailor a fee proposal to meet your development needs.


Other services offered by Collins Certification Group include:-


·         Building consultancy including - fire safety audits, BCA compliance reports, interpretation of BCA requirements, legislation and Australian Standards.

·         Consultancy including; preparation of documentation for development permits.

·         Fire safety engineering assessments of Alternate Building Solutions Consulting with design teams, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and other stakeholders as part of the development of alternate building solutions utilizing fire safety engineering.

·         Consultancy services for pre-lodgment and design and documentation stages.

·         Planning consultancy including; co-ordination of documentation for development permits.




If you would like further information on Collins Certification Group

Please call 0439 663 286 or email rick.collins@bigpond.com



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